At this point I’ve lost count on how many days into ‘Lockdown’ we are! I’ve done everything from at home yoga, to the weekly family Zoom quiz, and baked everything from Banana bread to sourdough bread, and lets not get started with the fact that I have tie dyed almost everything.

When I thought about 2020 at the top of the year it was definitely the year of getting my shit together, pre booking my eye brow appointment and using my planner to plan out my weekly meals. However fast forward to May 2020 and my life is doing the complete opposite! I haven’t seen my hairdresser or eye brow technician in over 2 months and I have very little use for my planner as life has become one recurring Monday. 

When the Lockdown started, I made a promise to myself that I would at least make the effort to look decent, however I got stuck in the habit of only wearing PJs throughout the week and walking past every mirror in my house as it wasn’t there. 

The further into this new normal I have decided to make that extra effort each day and at least make myself look presentable and go outside for a walk. Since I have no clue what it’s like to wear jeans anymore, I have been loving wearing lounge sets, they allow you to look put together without making much effort plus they are very affordable. I have been loving these lounge sets from Femmeluxe! Not only do they look good they are very comfortable and allow me to do all my baking without looking like I just woke up. 

Now I have the clothes sorted out I need to start getting my life in order and creating a little routine for myself.

Stay safe

Love Shaakira xox


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