Having healthy looking skin, is really important to me. If you have read some of my other post or watched my YouTube channel you would know that I really do take pride in my skin care routine. On most days, I have a bear face with little to no makeup on and on thoughts day I want to look alive and healthy.

I have used many different products over the years. From high end to drug store, however there is nothing better than knowing you have a few go to products that you can reply on to help your skin glow.


Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

 This product is on the pricey side; however, it gives my skin everything it needs. It keeps my skin hydrated which helps it have such a natural glow. Even though it’s now spring, my skin needs just as much love as it did in the winter months and this product does just that.


 Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate

Another Clinique product from the moisture surge range. This water-gel instantly leaves my skin looking and feeling hydrated. The best way to have glowing skin is to have hydrated skin. When you used this product just remember a little does go a long way.

L’Oreal Smooth Sugar Glow Grapeseed Face And Lip Scrub

This product is one of the newest in my skin care collect however I feel in love with it instantly. This sugar face and lip scrub buff away impurities and leaves your skin looking new and refreshed with a beautiful glow. Plus, it smells great! I don’t usually like skin care products that have a smell, as that usually means a rash for me. However, in this case I will let it go.

MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream, Peachlite

This is another moisturiser, however after I’m finished applying all of the above, I like to end my look with a little strobe cream. This just adds that extra piece of glow to your natural skin. The Mac Peachlite is perfect for my skin tone. I tend to only place it on my cheek bones if I’m not wearing makeup and all over my face when I am putting foundation on top.


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